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CCA Conference Glasgow

Delegates from 11890 Directory Enquiries and Cloud90 will travel to #CCACON2013 on November 11-12th 2013. To introduce Cloud90 to the UK Contact Centre Industry.

 CCA Con

As members of the Irish Contact Centre Management Association, our team look forward to meeting new industry partners  in Glasgow and introducing a revolutionary service to contact centres across the UK.

Cloud90 is a real-time social media monitoring service, designed specifically for a contact centre environment. Cloud90 is a sister company of 11890 and has been in operation since January 2012. Starting lean with Ulster Bank as the first client, the Cloud90 team have gone on to win contracts for 24/7 social media monitoring acorss the banking, financial, utilities and telecoms markets building a reputable global client portfolio in less than 12 months. 

If you meet our delegates Nicola Byrne and Morgan Emmett at the CCA Conference be sure to enquire about Cloud90's live social media monitoring system. 


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