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Using 11890 People Search you can search for Irish residential listings nationwide. Simply enter a person's name and location or county in which they may be located and click "Find".

Tips for Using 11890 People Search 

11890 has created a residential search to make it as easy as possible for you to find people's listed numbers.  Below are some search tips which will maximise your People Search results. 

Search for a Residential Listing by Name 

In the "Looking For" search box, you must enter in the first name and surname of the person you are looking for ie John Murphy. See the image below as an example of good search terms. Please note, a search will not run based on only a first name or only a surname. 

 Search for a Residential Listing by Location 

Maximise your search results by entering in the city, town, village or county in which you wish to search. As you type our drop down box will give you all the options relating to the letters you have typed. Once you see the location you want then select it from the list. Click the "find" button to run a search. 

People Search Example

Search Results

Once you have your result(s) you will see the persons name, address and phone number. If no results are generated for your search, the number you are looking for may be ex-directory and therefore not listed with any Directory Enquiry service provider. 

Save and Share a Number  

11890 has a saving and sharing feature for Residential Listings. You can now save a number of numbers at one time and sharing residential listings by email. 

Save to "My Numbers"Save to My Numbers icon

Save numbers as you find them by clicking the "My Numbers" icon.  This feature is session based and the saved numbers will be cleared once you exit the 11890 website. 


Send Via Email

Send a Number via Email

You can send a residential listing via email using the Email icon. A valid email address is required to be entered into the "To" and "From" fields.


Maps and Directions 

11890 has a database of over 2 million Irish residential numbers. Due to Data Protection legislation 11890 is not permitted to attach a map and Pin Point to any residential listings for privacy reasons. 

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